Argos Catalogue Xbox 360 Games

argos Game players catalogue do not xbox want to 360 see games the game they have just purchased with so many bugs that it makes impossible for them to use the product in a normal way. In this scenario, many bugs could be considered as a production defect and the newly launched game would have to be recalled just like a faulty electric device.
In order to avoid a catastrophe like this, video game companies use an army of Quality Control and Beta game testers to find and report bugs that would have to be fixed. In a perfect world, all bugs should have to be corrected but it is rarely the case as companies have to respect deadlines for the launch of their products.
It would be economically impossible to fix everything and testers have to know what minor or major bugs are in order to classify them and prioritize what is necessary to fix. For that effect, computer bugs have been categorized in four sections, which are: the A bug, the B bug, the C bug and the D bug.
The A bug is the worst of all and has to be imperatively corrected before the game is released. Ignoring the problem would be the death of the new released argos catalogue xbox 360 games game and a huge financial fiasco for the video game company. What is considered as a A bug? A game that crashes or has a computer virus will be at the top of the A bug classification. A game with spelling mistakes, graphical or audio problem, or a non-working feature would follow.
The B bug is the following most important issue that can be seen in a new game. The group of knowledgeable programmers working on the game may meet to discuss the possibility to fix the problem, see if it is worth their time and fit in the budget, or decide to let it go. If the bug does not break the gamer’s pleasure to play, and has only minor graphical or audio problems not compromising the overall of the game, the flaw may be left untouched.
The C bug is a slight issue in the coding of the game that would be a plus to correct. If the bug is a breeze to eliminate, it is reasonable to think that it will be done. If it is challenging and requires too much time to fix, the issue will not be addressed depending on the game producer’s decision. The game tester may feel that the bug he has identified should be fixed, but economic constraints decide otherwise.
The D bug is not really a bug, but more an option or feature that would be nice to be added to the game. If the report of such a bug was made well in advance in the testing process, it will be possible to add the feature. If it was reported close to the launch date of the newly created game, it will not be added.