Pc Gamepad To Xbox 360

Today, Iran’s Amedinejad is demanding respect, and he is resorting to idle threats against the West and specifically the Jewish nation-state of Israel. The Iranian leader also often puts out international press releases of new military technology which has been manufactured indigenously, which is fine except for one thing, 90% of the claims made are complete and utter fabrication.
Still, the US must take some of those threats seriously, and in doing so means it must bring an overwhelming force in to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program if the US decides to make good on its promise to enforce nuclear world nuclear weapons protocols. Now then, all this poses a huge problem in that if the US goes in full-tilt combat mode, it would be a terrible slaughter, and pc gamepad to xbox 360 be looked on as a little more than people could stomach.
So the solution is to give Iran a fighting chance, no they still can’t win, but it would be nice to give them a few high-tech military hardware to use, or at least the technology to have a legitimate war, you know so they don’t look so pathetic in battle with toy boats, Sony video game living room fighter pilot simulators, and Estes toy rocket surface to air missile launchers.
Why not make some money selling Iran some serious military toys? It could help our defense industry immensely, and make the Iranian leadership drool with excitement, as if Allah himself had come to pat them on the head for being so magnificently well hung and prepared to die in battle, giving the ultimate sacrifice for the proverbial pie in the sky. This really could solve many problems all at once.
1. It would give Iran the respect they desire
2. Give the US some legitimate military targets for practice
3. Prevent another Middle Eastern slaughter and unfair fight
4. Further inflate the insane ego of Amedinejad to make the first move and give us an excuse
5. Put US workers back to work in the defense industry, those who’ve been laid off from other Manufacturing sectors
6. Help a failing President (Obama) get re-elected since pc war time gamepad xbox 360 Presidents have a much better chance, thus allowing him to fix all the mistakes he’s made (so many indeed)
We could sell Iran all of our current technologies and bring out all the new stuff we’ve been waiting to unveil after they’ve made the purchases of 100s of billions in military hardware. They’d be tapped out for a while. Also we could sell some of our retiring fourth-generation stuff, rather than parking it in our deserts to decay, let them fly those old aircraft into theirs at the end of the day? Please consider all this.