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We live in a world filled with technology which is advancing at a phenomenal rate every day. We have computers with wireless internet access, cell phones that take still pictures and movies, digital HD television and an endless stream of electronics. We are more connected than ever before in history and yet we are more isolated and lonely than ever before. Millions of people sit at their computers and interact with others they have never met in person. I have heard of engagements between two people that have only seen each other via web cam. In social situations, especially with the younger generation, you will see them using their Blackberries, and often texting rather than interacting with others around them. Texting is now more prevalent than speaking on the phone. The human component is rapidly fading. Of course we still spend time with one another, but it is much less than we have in the past.
In the book Conversations with God the Divine Source warns of the dangers of technology surpassing wisdom. Our world it seems, now runs on materialism and as a whole, we have become spiritually bankrupt. The main concern of many people is what new gadget they can acquire and do they have the latest wwe 2008 game cheat codes xbox 360 model on the market. People spent days outside stores to purchase the iPhone and Robbers laid in wait to steal Xbox 360’s from customers leaving with their purchases. We have thousands of Churches, Synagogues and Mosques and yet the message does not seem to be reaching the people. This life is very short and is meant for our spiritual growth and enlightenment. It won’t be found where many are looking.
I personally have seen people isolating themselves from others. Couples are less likely to make plans with other couples and people stay in their homes more and do not interact with their neighbors. In Orlando Florida recently, a family took a trip to Scotland and while they were away, thieves came to their home wearing uniforms and driving a moving truck. For three days they emptied the home of every single item, including their refrigerator. The couple had never gotten to know their neighbors and although the neighbors witnessed what was occurring, they thought the family was moving and did nothing. A perfect example in my opinion of how we have been losing our connection with one another.
I am not at all against technology. I enjoy the benefits of all of these things. For us to remain well centered however, we must not allow our Toys to be the main occupation of our minds.
Get up from the computer and make plans with family wwe and 2008 game cheat codes friends. Get xbox 360 outdoors and enjoy a sunny day. Call someone on the phone rather than texting. Say a kind word to the checkout person at the grocery store, or the clerk in the post office. Plan a party and get people together. Connecting with other human beings has rewards that no computer or video game can ever provide.