Xbox 360 Not Reading Games But Reads Dvds

If you had to choose between two video game consoles, and both offered more or less the same, but one was a xbox 360 reading couple games hundred dollars reads dvds more expensive than the other, which one would you get?
Now answer this one, if you had to choose between two video game consoles, and one of them let you become a pilot, a gangster, or a space marine, and the other let you become a gorilla with a tie, a teen with a sword, or a plumber, which would you choose?
These two questions describe the success of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game console. With a library of video games that aim at the adult market (you know, guys like us who got an Atari 2600 when we were children), xbox 360 not reading games but reads dvds the best online services available, and a reasonable price, the Xbox 360 is the console of choice of the adult market.
Now, for those of you who remember, many years ago, games were sold in a cartridge format. Today, developers use a disc format. This format allows programmers to create more expansive games, but at the cost of fragility. One fingernail, or one fall, and the game gets a scratch. Good-bye 60 dollars and good-bye afternoon of playing.
The problem is worse if you happen to live with a roommate or brothers or sisters, and the Xbox 360 is kept in the living room or a shared game room. Cats and dogs can also be a danger to your favorite video games. While I’m sure that you take great care of your games and always place them in their cases for protection, other people might not be as careful, putting them in the wrong cases, DVD cases, or worse, letting them lie on a surface where they can get easily scratched.
An easy and inexpensive way of solving this problem is getting a software program that allows you to copy Xbox 360 games. Your average CD-burning software won’t copy Xbox 360 games so you need something better.
I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it illegal to copy Xbox 360 games? The short answer is No, it isn’t. The long answer, and the one you’re looking for is that when you buy a game, you’re not only buying a physical disk, but also a license to use it for personal use. Thus, as long as you don’t distribute copies of a game among your friends, you can safely copy Xbox 360 games for backup purposes.
The key word is distribute. If you copy Xbox 360 games and give them out for free, you’re still incurring in piracy.